Jessica Kender has been designing dramatic television for the past ten years after coming from the world of theatrical set design. Her most recent design for HBO's The Brink followed the story from uprisings in Pakistan to the White House to countries ranging from Switzerland to India. Previous to The Brink, she designed 4 seasons of Showtime's Dexter, which took place in the high-rises, warehouses and basements of steamy Miami. Jessica spent a season on ABC's October Road and designed The Amazing Mrs. Novak pilot for Lifetime. Both took place in the warm, rich tones of a New England fall and were shot entirely in LA. The design of Shonda Rhimes' pilot, Inside The Box, was centered around the busy, 2-story newsroom of CNS News Washington. Additionally, for 3 seasons of NBC's Emmy award winning Medium, Jessica crafted the dream worlds of Alison Dubois. There she had the opportunity to create everything from underground caves and airplane crashes, to a 1960s sitcom and purely animated sets.

After graduating from Carnegie Mellon with a degree in Theatre Design, Jessica began her career as a scenic artist, painting for shows on and off Broadway. Moving cross-country to Los Angeles in 1999, Jessica began art directing and set designing on such shows as The Shield, Monk, and Skin. Through this experience, Jessica knew she had found her passion, designing for the small screen. In 2005, she was recognized for her design work in the Hollywood Reporter’s “2005 Crafts Next Generation” as one of the top 35 craftsmen under 35.

She currently resides in beautiful downtown Burbank with her husband, set designer, Sam Page, their daughter Madeline, and son Maxwell, her best designs to date.